HOST Dry Extraction
“Green, Clean and Dry”

HOST® is the leading dry extraction carpet cleaning method. HOST® is recommended by carpet manufacturers and fiber producers worldwide.

HOST® is used daily to clean high traffic areas in airports, restaurants and hospitals, so imagine how well HOST® can clean your carpets at home!

-No wet carpet-
-No sticky, soapy residue left behind-
-No filling or dumping of waste-
-No chemicals to mix-
-Removes dust mites and other allergens-
-Safe for all types of carpet-
-Carpet stays cleaner longer-
-Safe for people and pets-

No Wet Carpet
Because HOST® is a low-moisture cleaner, there’s no waiting for wet carpet to dry. With HOST®, you can walk on your carpet during and immediately after cleaning!

Carpet Stays Cleaner Longer
Unlike wet cleaning methods, HOST® doesn’t leave any sticky, soapy residue behind to attract dirt and cause resoiling – and spots won’t wick back.

What is the Host System

Host is an advanced formula Sponge made of soft, natural products that are environmentally friendly. HOST® sponges are moistened with water, detergent and a small amount of citrus safe solvent.

The HOST® Sponges Clean dissolve, absorb and traps soil, spots and odors as it cleans, and is removed by vacuuming. Your carpet is clean, dry and ready to use and enjoy right away! Matted carpets are revived and once again become soft to the touch.

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